Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Ready for summer I guess

A while ago I decided to try a different hair color for the warmer season. After being pretty much everything between magenta and almost blond for the past few months I wondered what kind of hair color I could go for that would hopefully still look good when washing out. I really liked the pastel pink I got after a few washes, but the last two times the color washed out so unevenly that it just looked really shabby...

So I decided to do another bleach wash to get rid of the pink (admittedly not my best diea considering my hair was already very dry to begin with...) and then my friend Mimi was so kind to dye my hair violet! The idea is that since violet is also used to "counter" the yellow-orange hue of bleached hair, when the color washes out it will gradually turn into a more pastel-lilac kind of shade (hopefully) and then ultimately a grayish blond. So if I decide not to dye my hair again in summer (my parents would probably not like me to dye their pool :'D) the color will still be wearable.

Friday, May 1, 2015


"I wake up at the dawning of your nightfall. You couldn't find your way back to the light."