Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Ready for summer I guess

A while ago I decided to try a different hair color for the warmer season. After being pretty much everything between magenta and almost blond for the past few months I wondered what kind of hair color I could go for that would hopefully still look good when washing out. I really liked the pastel pink I got after a few washes, but the last two times the color washed out so unevenly that it just looked really shabby...

So I decided to do another bleach wash to get rid of the pink (admittedly not my best diea considering my hair was already very dry to begin with...) and then my friend Mimi was so kind to dye my hair violet! The idea is that since violet is also used to "counter" the yellow-orange hue of bleached hair, when the color washes out it will gradually turn into a more pastel-lilac kind of shade (hopefully) and then ultimately a grayish blond. So if I decide not to dye my hair again in summer (my parents would probably not like me to dye their pool :'D) the color will still be wearable.

I soon realized that with this color it's even harder to color-coordinate some "daily" outfits now, because I have so little that matches this color. I mean, for work I usually just wear whatever I find in my closet blindly in the morning, but last week end for Mother's Day, I went to visit my grandma and we had a little family gathering, so I wanted to wear something nice for once.

Luckily I found this nice top at the J-Fashion Bring & Buy in Vienna about two weeks ago! I adore the print, it has some purple in it, and the color is a nice grayish kind of beige. If you know me you know how I hate the color brown, and I'm only slowly getting comfortable with shades of off-white and beige, but this one I like a lot actually!

Derpy look XD

Oh god I almost showed my teeth while smiling! Impossible! XD

Mimi also cut my bangs so they're a lot shorter now!
Here's a picture of how my hair looked like before I went to see her:

I really liked my eye brows that day :O but you can see how unevenly the color washed out....

At first the violet was really dark, now it already washed out a bit. After being pastel pink and blond for a few weeks the first look at my new hair color was a bit of a shock for me XD Now I am already looking forward to it washing out a bit more. Also, if I decide to go for purple second time I would probably dilute the color more.

I mentioned before that a friend of mine is going to get married soon, and I think if my hair washes out so unevenly again I will probably dye it once more. I am also more and more considering to just cut my hair and just wear more wigs.... currently my hair is super dry and I don't think it will recover :( But I know that short haircuts don't really suit me very much so I really can't decide what to do XD

In the meantime... maybe I'll do another olive oil treatment!

What hair color should I try next after purple? :3
I'm tempted to go for turquoise with dark blue undercolor or something, but I'd probably have to get a way more layered hair cut for that, and I'm not sure if it would look good with my hair. Also, I heard that blue dyes look weird when they wash out.... so many decisions! Well, let's see how the purple will turn out!

PS: I still have massive amount of stuff to review from my dresslink order and sponsoring. Unfortunately many of the photos I took are really badly lit, despite my camera being set to manual settings it decided to randomly underexpose some of the images... but anyway I wanna show you what I ordered, so hopefully I get a chance to edit the photos soon....


  1. Also Türkis sieht tatsächlich nicht wirklich schön aus wenn es sich rauswäscht, da es dann so ein grün/blau/Schimmel ist xD Ich kenn das ja von meinen Freund. Aber Blau würde dir sicher grandios stehen :3

  2. Lass das Lila für eine Weile, das sieht wirklich super toll an dir aus! <3
    Ansonsten kann ich dir haircrazy.com empfehlen für IInspiration, besonders die nach Themen und Farben sortierte Galerie :)

  3. Das Lila steht dir wirklich gut! (:

  4. das outfit steht dir wirklich gut. vielleicht versuchst du mal einen hellen blauton, der zu deiner augenfarbe passt.

  5. Das Outfit ist wunderschön und ich liiiiiebe die Haarfarbe! Türkis fände ich für den Sommer sonst auch klasse!

  6. Ich muss sagen, das Lila gefällt mir noch viiiel viel mehr an dir als das Pink. Genau richtig für dich, der Ton *-*
    Das Outfit ist auch ganz nach meinem Geschmack, gefällt mir total.
    Und...ich hoffe das klingt jetzt nicht creepy :D
    Aber du hast einfach traumhaft schöne Beine <3

  7. Wow your hair is amazing, I haven't seen an unusual colour like this before ^_^

    { sparklesideup.com }

  8. Oh wow, dein erstes Outfit gefällt mir mit dieser Haarfarbe unheimlich gut <3


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