Sunday, July 26, 2015

Summer depression or something

Hey there,

I was thinking about whether I should post this or not for a long time, but I feel like it will help me to get my thoughts "out there", so I decided to post it after all... If you don't wanna read my ranting please just ignore this post!

So yesterday was actually  really cool event in Vienna - the first ever J-fashion walk as part of the international Harajuku Fashion Day! It's been a really long time since the last J-fashion meet up, and there were so many people dressed in different styles, it was really cool! I got to know some new people and also saw some well-known faces again. After I couldn't go to any Lolita meet ups since March or so, it made me really happy to have an opportunity to dress up and wear some make up, too .... but this is not what I actually wanna talk about today, though I hope there will be some photos soon so I can show you some.

Instead, I wanna share my thoughts on a few things - I really thought a lot about my hobbies and especially Lolita lately, and it has become increasingly frustrating to live my life like this. Of course, a career in science is by default not exactly easy. There are no clear working hours, you might spend weeks doing the same assay that just won't work, you might spend months on something that ends up not working as intended or not at all. It is in itself a kind of job that requires you to have a high tolerance to frustration and so it takes, in my opinion, a lot of effort to stay motivated.
And I can somehow manage that - I do get up every morning, I go to work, I do what I have to do and more. My two major objectives in life at the moment are work - because I wanna finish my thesis as soon as possible - and getting at least 8h of sleep at night, because I can't concentrate if I don't sleep enough, which is fatal in the lab....

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

[Review] Furfur Pearl Prime Violet Circle Lenses


Better late than never - I wanted to review these lenses from lensvillage for a looong time already, but there were several complications. First, one of the lenses I got had some kind of damage... when I tried to put it in it felt scratchy and weird. I thought it might just be because I have such dry eyes at the moment, but upon closer inspection I really found something that looked like a little plaque or maybe a cut in the lens' surface! So I asked for a replacement which arrived super fast, but... then the next problem started - I don't "officially" have any allergies diagnosed, but for weeks my eyes were teary and I would just cry away all my make up as soon as I put it on. I also suspected some of my make up products because some are quite old already... so I threw them away and waited till my eyes got better... aaaaand then I got an eye infection out of the blue. And finally, after it has healed, I can now show you some close up pictures of my newest lenses, phew.

But let this be a lesson to you guys too... don't wear lenses when your eyes are not healthy! And when you think something is wrong with your lens, don't just shrug it off and put it into your eye anyway!! If you got your lenses from lensvillage they will definitely exchange the broken lens for you - but really that's something any decent seller should do!
Nothing is worth the risk of ruining your eyes, always remember that! :3

So, now: on to the actual review!

Feat. lots of random shit in the background because I took these pics in the living room XD