Wednesday, July 8, 2015

[Review] Furfur Pearl Prime Violet Circle Lenses


Better late than never - I wanted to review these lenses from lensvillage for a looong time already, but there were several complications. First, one of the lenses I got had some kind of damage... when I tried to put it in it felt scratchy and weird. I thought it might just be because I have such dry eyes at the moment, but upon closer inspection I really found something that looked like a little plaque or maybe a cut in the lens' surface! So I asked for a replacement which arrived super fast, but... then the next problem started - I don't "officially" have any allergies diagnosed, but for weeks my eyes were teary and I would just cry away all my make up as soon as I put it on. I also suspected some of my make up products because some are quite old already... so I threw them away and waited till my eyes got better... aaaaand then I got an eye infection out of the blue. And finally, after it has healed, I can now show you some close up pictures of my newest lenses, phew.

But let this be a lesson to you guys too... don't wear lenses when your eyes are not healthy! And when you think something is wrong with your lens, don't just shrug it off and put it into your eye anyway!! If you got your lenses from lensvillage they will definitely exchange the broken lens for you - but really that's something any decent seller should do!
Nothing is worth the risk of ruining your eyes, always remember that! :3

So, now: on to the actual review!

Feat. lots of random shit in the background because I took these pics in the living room XD

The name of this model is Furfur Pearl Prime Violet, follow the link to get to them! 
According to Lensvillage, they are actually manufactured by Dueba but re-branded under the name "Dolleye". 

Color & Design

Feat. my new pair of Black Milk leggings ♥ I never actually got to wear them because since they arrived we had >30°C and I'm dying in hotpants already...

The color of the lenses is incredibly pretty. Ever since my very first pair of circle lences which was also purple, I was totally hooked on that color. It is super vibrant and I like the design with the thick black limbal ring.  The stripey pattern is reminiscent of the actual pattern of an iris, making them appear relatively "life-like", if it wasn't for the color!

Whoops, no make-up here, looks a bit weird, sorry!

The color is vibrant and very strong. I suspect that they would cover even dark eyes very well and give a nice effect there! With my blue eyes, the only problem is that the transition between the colored rim and my actual iris is not very smooth. When I first saw them I thought they would "blend" a bit better but oh well. On the eye, the color actually looks pretty dark, even on my light eyes - meaning that the best effect on dark eyes is probably in daylight, but there I really think they'd "pop"! :D


Though they are only 14.5 mm in diameter, I somehow had problems with these lenses. it is hard to say if this is due to the fact that my eyes are very dry and "bitchy" these days anyway, or if it's perhaps there comparably low water content of 38%. In comparison, the lenses I previously reviewed, iFairy Venus, have 55% water content. It could be that combined with my dry eyes, this contributed to this problem. I tried them out for about an hour or so, but after that my eyes started hurting a bit and also started to tear (I know it seems ironical that my eyes would tear so much when I say they are in fact dry... but I believe it's some kind of "over reaction"). Anway, so after a while I just took them out and wore my normal optical lenses that day, which also were not super comfortable, but bearable.

The issue with dry eyes is that it can have many reasons. For some people, it's allergies. When you work with a computer screen for a long time, you tend to blink less, which can also lead to dry eyes. Lastly, hormonal contraception like the anti-baby pill can have dry eyes as a side effect! Take these things into consideration when you want to order/wear circle lenses. It's advisable to have a bottle of eye drops with you at all times when you wear any kind of contact lens! And if they get too scratchy, take them out! Better safe than sorry..


Overall Impression & Summary

I wanna give these lenses the benefit of the doubt. I will definitely try to wear them later this year, or at least when the weather is a bit less hot and more allergy-friendly. If you have very sensitive eyes, I advise some caution with these lenses. In case of doubt, better go for a pair with higher water content as these are usually more comfortable to wear! As for the design, they are super pretty, not as suitable for my eye color as I had hoped but still the effect - especially from afar - is quite big!


And as for closing words - happy Shark Week everyone! :3


  1. They look so nice on you!
    So gorgeous ♡

  2. Intense!! Good for dolly look or cosplay too bad they are not comfortable.

  3. Die Linsen sehen super aus kombiniert mit dem Augen Make Up *_*

  4. Nice cl's, so beautiful colour. And pretty makeup!

  5. Ich liebe dein Augen-Makeup.


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