Friday, September 4, 2015

Picture my Day #19

Picture my Day #19 took place this week on Sep 1st, and as usual I almost forgot about it until I saw someone else post a picture with the familiar #pmdd19, haha!

So better late than never, here's a short visual summary of my day... I didn't do anything special, because I'm on vacation this week. It was supposed to be some time for relaxing and mentally preparing for my upcoming PhD, but it didn't really work out as expected because every day, there was something else already planned... Tuesday was the only day where I didn't "have" to do anything in particular, so I was quite lazy in the end ^^

What would a #pmdd be without the obligatory first post-midnight photo?

...or without a Sharky photo? :3 So nice of him to help me find my glasses in the morning.

Admiring the previous day's work. I never actually showed this part of our bedroom in the room tour entry because the wardrobe doors are so fucking ugly :'D So now we finally found a relatively cheap solution to get rid of that eye sore... click here to see a "before" picture!

Breakfast and checking news on my twitter feed!

Browsing for stockings... I need something to fit my dress for the tea party, but I don't have the dress yet, so it's hard to chose some XD

And after another 3h of not having moved my ass away from the computer....

Time for a break. To get motivated for home improvement work, I had a look at the mess that is our balcony at the moment. They are getting renovated in the next two months.

That abomination of a door you see on the right side leaning against the wall is our front door. Did I mention I don't like the color brown or strong patterend dark wood?

So since we can't just buy a new door, we decided to paint the old one! And oh, what a glamorous and flattering photo of me that is.


And if you thought my day could not possibly get any more thrilling....

I spent the rest of the evening with Dragon Age II, later we made some popcorn and had a little movie night :3 Aaaand I neded up forgetting to take any more pictures, haha. 

So that's it.
As you may have noticed, most photos look really crappy. I feel like my phone is slowly dying, after I found out that the battery was broken (bloated) and replaced it I though it would fix things, but it's still not working very well and one of the things I noticed is that it has problems focusing the camera in even good daylight conditions. At any rate, I will not be able to get a new phone before December, but depending on when the next PMD will be, I might already have a new phone - i.e. more motivation to take photos and more of them actually turning out okay - by then!

How was your day, did you participate in PMD?


  1. Yay! So viel Motivation!
    Der Schrank sieht so viel schöner aus als vorher, das war wirklich eine weise Entscheidung! Und das ist süß, dass die Haie dir helfen, morgens die Brille zu finden! :3

  2. Ach, wie gut, dass du mich dran erinnerst ^^" Ich hab auch nur gefühlte tausend Bilder von Fernseher und Laptop gemacht, aber was soll's :D

  3. Wie motiviert <3 ich mag das Bild von dir mit Zahnbürste, haha mega süß!


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