Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Sponsored review: Dressgal.com

Hey guys, long time no "see"!

As in... it's been a while since I showed my face i.e. outfits or make up here. It's mainly because I have so little occasions to dress up. And then, there was this horrible heat wave that came over Austria - we had almost 40°C for days and minimum 25°C at night, so it was super hot even inside my apartment D:

Anyways - a while ago I was approached by dressgal.com and asked to introduce their shop to my readers! So I picked some clothers that immediately caught my eye! It took me a while till I could get the review done, though, because of the heat x_x And also, because of work... but I'm on vacation this week, so I had time to dress up for fun a bit :3

I'm so in love with this outfit, I can't wait for autumn to wear it somewhere! This time, I only dressed up inside to take some photos because 35°C are way too warm for fake lather leggings v_v but it's supposed to get colder soon, yay!

So here's the details of my outfit!

These Laced leather leggings (out of stock there at the moment, but re-listed here) are really amazing, I love the mixture of fabrics and the design! The only thing I noticed is that on the pictures on the shop, the lacing goes down much further towards the bottom seam, whereas on my pair, the lacing stops somewhere mid-calf. I don't really mind, I think it still looks pretty cool, though I was a little bit disappointed.

However, there is this extra lace on the side seams (you can see it well in the two photos above), that I might remove from the sides and add it to the bottom of the lacing.The leggings come with the bands separate so you have to do the lacing yourself, but the advantage is that you can decide on the space between the criss-crosses.

 I was very self conscious wearing them at first because the are very thin an tight, and the additional lace on the sides made my legs appear a bit wider than they are anyway. I probably would not wear them with flat shoes because I'm only 1.60m as it is, and this is definitely a product more suited for tall people with long legs :'D But I had wanted to give it a try... and I think the price is pretty much worth experimenting :3

The second item I bought from Dressgal and that I'm wearing on the picture is this synthetic lace longshirt/dress. It's really not so easy to tell if this is one or the other! On me, it's definitely a dress. I bought it in size S and I was pretty surprised because from the pictures I was expecting something more like a longshirt. But if I had checked the measurement table first I would have known what to expect :'D At any rate, as such it was a bit too wide around the waist and made me look a bit pregnant, so I decided to combine it with this corsage-belt and I really like how it turned out!

I think the combination with the laced leggings works especially well due to this lace pattern being very similar on both items. I love the detail and I was surprised how comfortable the dress turned out to be!

Last but not least, I picked a few items for nail decoration! From top to bottom, these are Crystal Rhinestones, Clear round rhinestones, Mini-pearl-crowns and Mini-ribbons. Aren't they cute? :D

I was pleasantly surprised at how different the two types of rhinestones actually are - the ones on the left are bit more iridescent, like little prisms, whereas the round ones are more plain and sparkle like little drops of water! I already have plans for the little crowns and rhinestones - I plan to make a pair of super fancy fake nails, but I cannot wear them at work so I'd have to find some non-permanent nail glue! Is there even such a thing? At any rate, these are just they types of things that you really "need to have" when you see them, even if you cannot use them right away, I guess :'D

Dressgal actually offers a lot of cute nail accessories in their Beauty section, be sure to have a look before you check out, since these things are so small and cheap they do not add much to your package weight/shipping cost! :3

Overall, Dressgal is a cool Asian-fashion inspired online store that's definitely worth checking out!

Have you done some online shopping recently? Tell me what you bought in the comments! :3


  1. Erst einmal: Wow! Das Outfit und die Haarfarbe stehen dir ausgezeichnet! Ein wirklich toller Look!
    Die Leggings hab ich mir auch schon gekauft, allerdings in einem anderen Shop. Mir gefallen vor allem die vielen Details daran und ich kann es auch kaum abwarten, sie endlich bei kühleren Temperaturen ausführen zu können :3

    1. Dankeschön :3
      Ja, ich hab das Gefühl bei Leggings gibt es die selben paar Modelle die so gut wie jeder Onlineshop irgendwie anbietet XD Eigentlich wollte ich längs-gesteifte Suspender-Leggings aber die sind wiederum leider überall ausverkauft :(
      Ich freue mich aber jedenfalls schon aufs kühlere Wetter, hehe!

  2. Sehr cooles Outfit! Die Kombi sieht super aus und steht dir wirklich gut! Ich mag vor allem den Haarreif mit dem Kleid und dem Blazer. Den Shop kannte ich noch nicht, werde mich dort mal umsehen ^^
    LG Tea

    1. Dankeschön ^^
      Der Blazer ist eines meiner Lieblings-Kleidungsstücke, weil er sogut wie jedes Outfit irgendwie eleganter macht, ohne dass es (für meinen Geschmack) zu over-the-top und Business-like aussieht. Außerdem hat er ein Spitzenmuster auf der Rückseite! :3

  3. Tolles Outfit, es steht dir einfach sooo gut! Voll toll kombiniert. Und deine Haare erst! *__*
    Schade, dass das Outfit so gar nicht zu mir passt :/
    Es gibt so Fake Nails mit Klebeplättchen, die kann man wieder ab machen :> Vielleicht sind die ja was für dich?

    1. Danke ♥
      Ja, solche Fake-Nails hatte ich schonmal, die sind eigentlich echt super, nur leider auch nur ein paar mal zu gebrauchen bevor der Kleber nicht mehr richtig hält... das wäre dann auch irgendwie schade wenn ich die Nägel so verziere :( Ich hätte am liebsten einen Kleber der wie Wimpernkleber funktioniert, so dass ichs morgens draufklebe und Abends wieder abnehmen kann (ohne die Nägel zu zerstören)... vielleicht probier ichs einfach mal mit Wimpernkleber? XD

  4. Das steht dir so so so gut :)
    Ich habe die Originalleggings davon, hab ich aber in Polen bestellt, da war sie nicht so arg teuer xD
    Ich find sie echt klasse :)
    Aber auch das Oberteil ist absolut toll :)


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