Monday, October 26, 2015

Metamorphose Tea Party 2015 - The princess and the witch

Hello, long time no see!

I wanted to post this much, much sooner but I am super busy - graduate school has started, we have homework, I have three projects that I need to finish before December and my thesis is still nor written and defended (meaning I'm still BSc and not MSc. Fortunately it does not matter for grad school, but still, I'd like to get this done before the end of the year!).

So, all lame excuses aside, of course I'm very excited and happy to write a blog post about the Metamorphose Tea Party in Vienna, which took place on the 17th October.
The first big surprise came for me a few weeks before the event, when I found out that I was chosen to be a model for the fashion show! I had only modeled once before and when I sent my application in summer, I wasn't really expecting much. To be so lucky twice in a row? I was really surprised, and very, very happy.

It was also kinda ironic, because I had waited to get a dress for my own outfit for a long time, because I thought if I get picked as a model, I will plan a more simple outfit to make the outfit changes easier. Sure enough, after I had bought a dress on lacemarket in September, I found out I would get to be a model shortly afterwards, haha! But everything turned out fine in the end.


It was quite the change that I had to pull of in total twice that day! But I'm happy that got to  wear this beautiful dress - "Witch in the Forest". I think I have never worn such an elaborate outfit, it really has million little details like the small jewels and the tassels on the ribbon! Also, I have never worn a bonnet before D: I was worried it wouldn't fit me at all, but I guess it wasn't too bad ^_^

Snapshots from behind the scenes of the fashion show! Middle picture is me with Medoly ♥ I was so happy when I learned we would both get to be part of the fashion show together again :D
If you remember my entry about the IW Tea Party in 2013, you will recognize the venue - again, the event was held at Hotel Stefanie, so I was a bit less nervous this time :) Also, I already had some practice for the fashion show - I think I did much better this time! (Except for a super derpy look once in a while, I guess?) Because of the fashion show, I arrived a bit early and this time, I asked my boyfriend to drive me there. Medoly, who was also a model at the IW Teaparty in 2013, had told me the day before that she would come in casual clothes and put on her on outfit after the fitting an rehearsal, and that she would bring everything in a small suitcase. I laughed. Then I started to pack my own stuff...

So much for that!

We meet at the hotel 1h early for the dress fitting and choreography rehearsal. Dagmar and Pato were organizing the fashion show and helping us to put on our outfits. Taira Chinatsu, Metamorphose's designer was also there to help with our outfits. She was so nice and sweet ♥ I was a bit nervous at first because I would get to walk first and therefore kind of set the pace! But after the practice session I felt a bit more confident and I remembered my biggest mistake from the last time and vowed to myself to walk much more slowly this time ^^

Rehearsal with Dagmar and Pato ^_^ /// Image credit: R. Detoyato

After the rehearsal, we finished dressing up in our own outfits and it was still an hour left until the entry for non-VIP guests would begin, so a few of the models decided to go to a café. I went along mainly because I wanted to get some cash to buy something at the various stalls that had been announced. Since I was really broke at the last TP I couldn't afford to buy anything. This time I had saved money from my birthday and was really looking forward to shopping :3

Back at the hotel, we quickly tried to get some photos taken - I already knew that after the fashion show, it might be too stressful with the rest of the program and this time I really wanted to have a nice photo of my outfit :)

The dress is Blooming Garden Tulle JSK in pink, which has been on my wish list for quite some time! To me, it feels a bit like the "brand version" of Bodyline's Love Jewelry print, so I was very happy to get it. I wanted to go for a slightly princess-like look and my inspiration for the hairdo was actually the main character of the manga "Dokuhime" Lycoris Radiata (I posted about this once before during the 30 Days Lolita Challenge here!). I really wanted to wear this outfit and hair style so badly, but when I learned what outfit I would get to know for the fashion show, I knew it would get a little bit complicated.... and that's the reason why I had to bring a whole suitcase of stuff - two petticoats, two pairs of shoes, my entire own outfit + accessories, and two wigs! Unfortunately I also noticed throughout the day that my Classical Puppets petti was pretty dead :( Quite a disappointment to be honest, I wore it only about two times! And it made my dress look a bit shape less. But oh well, it wouldn't be me if everything about my outfit worked out for once ;)
There was little time between the regular entry at 13:00 and the time we were supposed to meet to change into our fashion show outfits. I browsed all the stalls and ended up buying beautiful jewelry from Bonbon Maléfique. All of their items were so incredibly beautiful, I could have bought them all! And I think I will buy again in the near future :)

Image credit: R. Detoyato
The Metamorphose stall with designer Taira-san and Matsuoka-san! /// Image credit: R. Detoyato

I didn't get a chance to chat with a lot of people but I met Mia again! She had a stall with her brand MyauMania :3 I hadn't seen her since the IW Tea Party and I was really happy to see her again, even if we chatted only briefly!

We are so very pink together XD Thanks for the photo, Alen!

Finally, it was time to vanish and change outfits... in the meantime, the buffet was set up and people started to eat. We didn't get to see the whole buffet, but now that I see the pictures I'm still a little bit sad that I missed it XD But they kept their promise to put something away for us models for later :D

 Image credit: R. Detoyato
 Image credit: R. Detoyato

The fashion show itself was so much fun once again! I loved my outfit so much, I didn't really wanna take it off afterwards haha! Special thanks to Pato who helped me get that stupid bonnet fixed to my head! After the show, we took some group photos with the designer Taira-san and Matsuoka-san.

Joey and Nora wore two dresses that have not been released yet! Joey ended up buying the sailor dress, a good choice I think, it suits her amazingly X3 and Nora's dress is called "Happy Angels" and will be released soon!
 Image credit: R. Detoyato
 Team "Witch in the Forest" XD with Yuki from Czech Republic and Betty ♥ /// Image credit: R. Detoyato

I love this group pic! /// Image credit: R. Detoyato

I can hardly express my happiness, even now when I look at these photos I cannot help but smile. That I got to model again was really great, but Taira-san also seemed really happy with the fashion show and how we presented the outfits! This is definitely a memory I will cherish ♥ So I'd like to thank everyone who was a part of it ^__^

After the fashion show, we finally had time to relax, and also get something to eat and drink! I felt a bit dizzy and exhausted at that point. I tried to eat, but I've had severe problems with my jaw lately, so I could hardly chew >_< But the food was delicious! I also visited the stalls again, and ended up buying a black blouse from Metamorphose. I'm usually a bit hesitant to buy brand blouses. They quality is amazing but it comes at a price, and usually I feel a bit silly to spend 100€ or more on a blouse if I can get a second hand dress for the same amount. But this one, I really fell in love with... but more on my haul in another post!

Soon after I was finished eating and shopping, it was time for the rest of the program.

The Q&A was really interesting, Taira-san was asked about how she came to be a designer, what her favorite styles are, and then also if she wears Lolita everyday. She explained that since her workplace can actually get quite uncomfortable if you have to sit and work for a long time, she does not wear Lolita every day. I found that kinda reassuring to hear! Of course, nobody expects a Lolita to wear the fashion every day of her life. But my job is quite similar - I simply cannot wear Lolita in the lab, so to know that even the designer of Metamorphose does not usually wear Lolita to work, I could totally relate :D Two girls (one of them being Simone, who also has a Japanese blog!) also asked questions directly in Japanese, and I think Taira-san was quite impressed by their language skills! ^_^ As for the best outfit contest, the designer picked her personal two favorites and the chosen ones got two large bags with Metamorphose goodies :D One of the two winners was Lisa, and I loved the fact that her outfit was more toned down and not too over the top with accessories - her black feather bolero was an awesome eye catcher that way!

As for the raffle, I think every person (or almost?) ended up winning something. After this was over, Meta did a sale on their remaining items and I took the time to chat with a few people. I met so many nice people that day, I wish I would have had more time to talk!

To get an even better impression of what the Tea Party was like, you can also watch this video by Yuki!

It was over way too soon, as usual with that kind of event. When it was finally time to go though, I was also a bit glad to get home, because my jaw hurt really badly. When I got home I realized that the right half of my face was also pretty swollen, but I think it was not too visible during the day.

It's also the reason why I did not go to the Festival afterwards. As you might know, the organizers of the Tea Party had also planned a music festival. I already expected that I would probably be too exhausted - and I was a bit sick the week before - so I ended up not going... However, after I got some rest at home, I went to the next event on Sunday, the J-fashion Bring & Buy! Originally, I wanted to look for Ouji/Kodona items for me and/or my boyfriend - yes, you read that right! He agreed to go to the Halloween meet up with me, but of course he will have to dress up too so I was looking for something that would fit him ^^ I ended up buying a pair of super cheap F+F Kodona pants that conviently now fit both of us and an AP skirt with a lovely fabric and beautiful print!

Left: Metamorphose blouse that I mentioned earlier /// Right: Angelic Pretty Eternal Rose Bouquet skirt ♥
 Left: A lot of pretty flyers that were in the goodie bag! I particularly liked the fact that it was a printed cloth bag to be re-used! I like to use those as shopping bags :3 /// Right: The jewelry from Bonbon Maléfique that I mentioned earlier.
 All in all, it was a blast!
I had a great time, I was honored to model for Metamorphose and particularly considering the outfit they chose for me because I loved it so much! I'm happy that I got to meet new people. And while I do not have a lot of free time at the moment due to my studies, knowing that I know have a good job now also means that I might be able to afford more traveling and hopefully go to such events outside of Austria in the future too!

Thanks also to the organizers, in particular of course Dani, who made it all possible and is like the "mother" of the Austrian Lolita scene! And once again thanks to Dagmar and Pato for being so patient with us models :)

I hope to see everyone again soon!


  1. Wenn du schon das zweite Mal als Model gelaufen bist, dann musst du beim ersten Mal auf jeden Fall super gewesen sein! :)

    Dein eigenes Outfit war so schön und die Perücke passte vom Farbton her sooo super dazu!
    Auch das Outfit, mit dem du laufen durftest war super. Ich mag Bonnets eigentlich nicht, aber es passte trotzdem irgendwie total dazu und steht dir auch.

    Total toll wie ihr alle anmutig hintereinander eure Kleider präsentiert, da wird man direkt neidisch! Ich bin allgemein neidisch, ich wäre auch so gerne da gewesen ._.

    Die Sache, die du gekauft hast, sind alle sehr toll. Die Kette gefällt mir besonders gut! :)

    1. oh, dankeschön ^^
      Wegen dem bonett war ich anfangs wirklich sehr verunsichert, aber nun denke ich auch dass es gar nicht so doof aussieht wie befürchtet :D
      Und dass ich ein wenig Schwierigkeiten mit der Farb-Koordination meines eigenen Outfits hatte weißt du ja XD Freut mich sehr dass du findest dass es schlussendlich gut zusammenpasst :D

  2. Oh, you are so beautiful :3 I love your pics and your dresses are amazing. :3
    Nice post and good luck with your thesis.

    Bai, Shiki


  3. Wow, you look incredible great! ;___; <3

  4. Für mich war die Teaparty auch eine wunderschöne Zeit. Leider konnte ich an diesem Tag nicht mit vielen Leuten reden, da es mir auch nicht so gut ging.
    Bei der Fashion Show warst du wirklich hübsch und das Bonnet stand dir super! Du brauchst mehr Bonnets ;)
    Schade, dass du nicht bei der Aftershow Party warst, die hätte dir sicher auch gefallen.
    Ich hoffe, du wirst bald wieder gesund.

    1. Mir tuts voll leid dass wir gar nicht wirklich zum reden gekommen sind D:
      Aber hoffentlich beim nächsten Mal dann! :3
      Das Festival hätte mir bestimmt Spaß gemacht, aber ich war ja am Montag davor schon auf einem Konzert und am Dienstag gleich wieder arbeiten, ich war eigentlich seit Montag nicht richtig fit XD Aber ich war froh dass ich wenigstens das Modeln und alles drumherum gut hingebracht und überstanden habe ^__^

  5. I was really so happy to discover that you were modelling again!
    You did a great job and looked very happy :3

    I was generally happy to see you again that weekend and I'm glad you enjoyed yourself too.
    See you at the Halloween meet-up! :)

    1. Aww, haha, thanks! ^///^
      I was having a blast and was also super happy to see you again!
      Looking forward to Saturday :3

  6. wow ich fühl mich geehrt dass du mich extra erwähnst.ich organisiere sowas doch gerne und freu mich wenn das auch angenommen wird <3

    1. Klar doch <3 Ohne dich wäre die Lolita-Szene in Österreich glaube ich wirklich nicht das selbe :D Und ich freue mich wirklich unheimlich dass ich Teil so einer tollen, lieben Community sein kann ^_^ Danke nochmals für die tolle Tea party!

  7. Ich muss ja sagen, dass mir pink oder rosa an dir sehr gut gefällt.Gerade mit den roten Haaren. Hach und diese hübschen Kleidchen .

  8. Sooo you have blog too XD
    Nice post! I'm very happy that I met you and also the other girls ^__^
    I hope we'll meet at the next tea party ♥

  9. Woooah! So amazing! ♥
    Everything seems so awesome and you're like e living porcelain doll! :D
    So lucky to get to model that gorgeous dress, it really fits you perfectly, love it!

    I love lolita events, would like to have loads of money to travel to then all! x)

    ~ Frillycakes ~


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