Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween meet up 2015 /// Trick or Treat, ye Landlubbers!

What it is this, two entries within such a short time of each other?
Is it a miracle?
No! It's the magic of the night of nights, All Hallow's Eve!

Okay, enough cheesy blabla. It would probably be more appropriate if I got my pirate speak on, because THIS IS HALLOWEEN *sing* and this year, I dressed up as a pirate! :D We went to a Halloween meet up organized by Lea - we, that is, my boyfriend and me! Yes, you read that right! I finally convinced my boyfriend to tag along to such an event ! He had already met a few people from the community earlier this year at Lea's birthday party, and also, since it's Halloween, it was not very hard to get him to dress up and wear "fancy" clothes in public :3 

I love this photo! So much awesomeness, so many great costumes ♥
Image credit: Rob Detoyato