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Halloween meet up 2015 /// Trick or Treat, ye Landlubbers!

What it is this, two entries within such a short time of each other?
Is it a miracle?
No! It's the magic of the night of nights, All Hallow's Eve!

Okay, enough cheesy blabla. It would probably be more appropriate if I got my pirate speak on, because THIS IS HALLOWEEN *sing* and this year, I dressed up as a pirate! :D We went to a Halloween meet up organized by Lea - we, that is, my boyfriend and me! Yes, you read that right! I finally convinced my boyfriend to tag along to such an event ! He had already met a few people from the community earlier this year at Lea's birthday party, and also, since it's Halloween, it was not very hard to get him to dress up and wear "fancy" clothes in public :3 

I love this photo! So much awesomeness, so many great costumes ♥
Image credit: Rob Detoyato

I have been excited about this for weeks, and I planned my outfit meticulously.  And after the Tea Party, I tried to find a little time here and there every know and then to prepare my outfit. My boyfriend helped me out and got me some props for my costume, such as the weapons and the hat, because I currently have absolutely no time to go to Vienna for shopping during the week, so he went to a costume shop after one of his university classes :3 The only gun they had there looked really cheap, so I simply decided to paint it with nail polish! In the end, it looked much more realistic and fitted the costume better. I had already found some perfectly matching jewelry earlier this month, and ultimately, I was pretty happy with my outfit!

I think I've never worn so much random shit many accessories at once XD 
Image credit: Rob Detoyato

Image credit: Rob Detoyato

My boyfriend's outfit/costume was a bit makeshift, but I think it turned out fine too! Actually, we found a pair of bat wings in a shop for a super cheap price. So I decided to buy them even though I already knew I wanted to dress up as a pirate. I asked my boyfriend if he wanted to come to the Halloween meet up and wear it - it was more or less intended as a joke because I had asked him a few times if he wanted to come to a meet up, but to my surprise he immediately said yes this time! :D It was a lot of fun to go to the meet up with him ♥ I hope I can convince him to accompany me once in a while in the future as well. Though if it's a non-Halloween meet up, perhaps he would need some more Kodona or Aristocrat like clothes :'D

So after everyone arrived at the meeting point, we took photos of everyone and entertained some tourists who were really impressed by our costumes. I think this time the attention we got from strangers was much more positive. Outside of events like Halloween or Carnival, I think people are a bit scared or weirded out when they see us, because we look "different" with our Lolita clothes. But events like this show me that if people can move past this, they are very accepting and friendly. I wish people would be more like this everyday when they see someone who looks "different"!

After the photos, we met with a special tour guide for a "spooky city tour". There are all kinds of themed tours in Vienna, at the beginning of this year I also went on one with my family where we got to know some rather hidden spots in the city center. This one was about ghost and vampire stories! It was really pretty cool, I love to learn something new about this city, even though I'm from nearby it always amazes me how much I actually don't know or have never seen.

With Alex & Bibi ♥ Most photos my boyfriend and me took with out phones turned out a bit blurry :( We both have the same phone and got it at the same time and I think they are about to die XD

For example, we were told the story of the Blood Countess who supposed killed young women to bathe in their blood in order to retain her youthful appearance. We were also told about how burial rites changed over time and how in many places in the city, you are likely to walk on the bones of the dead, because where churches were once surrounded by cemeteries, now there are paved streets and plazas.

The tour took about 2 h and afterwards, I was sooo tired and hungry. My feet also started to hurt because the shoes that I wore are old ones from my mum and a tad bit too small for me. So I was very happy that our next stop was at the nearby Café Heiner at Kärtnerstraße. If you ever come to Vienna, VISIT THIS PLACE! I had never been there before, and was impressed not only by the beautiful, elegant interieur of the café, but also very happy about the friendly service. All the waitresses and even the guests were so polite and friendly, and everyone loved our costumes.

When you enter the café, at first you might think it's small and  similarly, I wondered how the bunch of us would fit in there! But upstairs the location is actually huge! There were a lot of guests but we were lead to a small, separate area called "Green Salon" and had the whole room for ourselves! This was really great, because that way it was much less noisy and I felt like it was much easier to talk :3

Also, delicious food *o*

There was also a little costume contest. Everyone could present themselves briefly (because not everyone knew everyone's names) and say a few words about their costumes. Then we wrote down our "Top 2" on pieces of paper and the three winners would get a little Halloween goodie bag. And I got in first place, wohoo! ♥ I suspect it's because I told the backstory of my gloriously kitch eye patch, which I had actually crafted from a cutout piece of an old bra, haha! So I got not only a bag full of crazy Japanese sweets but also a book called "The Ladies of History" (Die Damen der Geschichte), filled with Fantasy short stories with female protagonists who influenced the course of history in their own way. I'm looking forward to reading it!

I tried to get a good picture of all my accessories, but well... cell phone cams and indoor lights... you know how it is. I also had a bunch of stuff in my wig, actually. glass beads and pearls and some feathers, but only the feathers were really visible. At any rate, I was really happy that people liked my outfit because I put so much effort into it :3

We didn't stay too long though - some people had plans for the night, and as for us, we wanted to pay a quick visit to my parents' place for a surprise "Trick or Treat" with our full costumes :D My mum is moving to Frankfurt for work, so I'll see her only every once in a while now - and today was her last day in Austria, so we wanted to say good bye and everything. She was so happy that we dropped by, and she really loved our costumes. We ended up staying for dinner and the whole time, my mum hoped that some local kids would drop by and I could open the door and scare them with my gun, haha. Also, once again, I fooled my step dad into thinking that I had dyed my hair when I was in fact just wearing a wig. That one never gets old, haha! We talked about the meet up and the Tea Party, and it made me quite happy to see them so interested in my hobby. My mum said that if I come to Frankfurt to visit her, I should time it so that I can go to a local meet up there - which is exactly what I had already been thinking about, but to have this suggestion come from her side made me of course very happy :3

But... I think I need a different entry to explain some of the personal stuff that has been going on in my life lately.
For now, I think I'll leave you with this selfie with a spooooky photobombing ghost in the background, haha.

How was your Halloween?
What did you dress up as? ^_^


  1. And again, no crow for me .___.
    You all look really awesome !

    I was dressed as myself... I am very boring person on Halloween XD I like to see costumes of others, but getting myself dressed up? Hm... never had the interest or desire to do it, but never say never. Time will come, also for me. There are sooo many inspiring things, expecially in my shelf @_@ #MonsterHighVictim

    The good thing is you can wear all your jeweleries in casual situations. :)

    and one question... was your hidden eye also with make up? I would think so... but I can also imagine that people leave them normal, because no one sees it and the lashes are not as hard as with mascara on it = easier to wear a eyepatch.

    Thinking of an eyepatch... Me ghoulsta :D You like Tokyo Ghoul? ^^

    1. Yes I wore make up under the eye patch ^^ just without the lashes because they would get in the way. Actually I ran around without the eye patch most of the time because it was petty uncomfortable. The ones you buy in costume shops are usually slightly curved so that they lie on your skin around your eyeball. Due to the fact that this was a cut out piece from a bra it was more like a medical eye patch and there was some pressure on my eye all the time... I also decided to wear lenses in both of my eyes. So anyway it was good to take it off from time to time and blink a little bit :D
      About the jewelry: This is what I thought too! Since it's silver and black it matches pretty much everything I own :D

      I heard about Tokyo Ghoul and that it's supposed to be really good, but I don't really know it! I probably should check it out I guess ^__^

  2. Wir haben wie jedes Jahr zuhause ein Halloween Dinner gemacht und Filme geguckt ^^

    Und hab mir nen Gengar-Hoodie gekauft, das war mein Kostüm dieses Jahr :D


    1. Den Hoodie hatte ich ja schon auf facebook gesehen! Der ist so genial! X3
      Gengar ist aber auch eines der coolsten Pokémon, finde ich :D

    2. Jaa :D
      Das coolste ist und bleibt natürlich Glumanda (<3), aber Gengar ist auch ganz cool :D

      Eig alle der 1. Gen, die waren noch am tollsten! <3 :3

  3. Your outfit was so gorgeous and definitely a very deserved first place! :D
    I really enjoyed chatting yesterday and hope we can meet again soon! :3

    1. Thank you <3
      I hope so too ;__; Hopefully soon!

  4. Glückwunsch zu deinem Sieg! <3 Hast du dir total verdient, dein Outfit war super. Du strahlst so toll auf den Bildern, schön zu sehen. :>
    Und weißt du was ich noch süß finde? Wie oft du deinen Freund fotografiert hast. Und ich wette, du hast noch viel mehr Bilder gemacht. Das wirkt immernoch so glücklich verliebt und das finde ich echt toll. Aww ich will dich jetzt so gerne knuddeln! :3

    1. Ach: Und es ist wirklich schön zu sehen wenn wichtige Leute das Hobby, das einem so viel bedeutet, so ernst nehmen und sich dafür interessieren. Vielleicht kriegen wir das ja so hin, dass ich dann nen Tag mit dir in Frankfurt verbringen kann, wenn du magst? :3

    2. Aww haha :D Da hast du schon recht, ich habe mich halt auch wirklich sehr gefreut dass er da mitgekommen ist ^^
      Bezüglich Frankfurt, das fände ich eine super Idee! Ist die Anreise für dich da eh nicht all zu weit? Meine Geographiekenntnisse sind nicht so der Bringer was Deutschland betrifft ^^"

  5. I love your outfit. It looks amazing on you and you deserved the first place. I really love your photos.

    Bai, Shiki
    [Beauty and Destroy]

  6. Sehr geniales Kostüm. Schaut großartig aus. Da steckt so viel Liebe zum Detail drin. :) Da hättest du sicher perfekt zu meiner Kürbisfigur gepasst. ^^

    1. Dankeschön! :D Es war zwar nicht so richtig gruselig-Halloween-mäßig aber es hat trotzdem Spaß gemacht das Outfit bzw Kostüm zusammenzustellen ^^
      Nächstes Jahr wirds aber glaub ich wieder etwas gruseliger :D

  7. Wow you looked really really gorgeous <3333

  8. Yayy! Hallowee is the best! ♥
    I love all of those outfits, fun to get a chance to go a bit more crazy with the outfits than 'normally'. The tour sounds fun, there was some themed halloween thingies here as well, but was working and couldn't really go to any halloween parties or anything. But I did sort of dress up like a black cat, because it was an event by a cat cafe. ^__^

    I like the details and all the "random" stuff in the outfit, works! I love the velvet coat, because velvet ♥ and dreaming of a real pirate hat..some day will get a really good one made out of leather!

    ~ Frillycakes ~


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