Sunday, January 24, 2016

Welcome to 2016!

Hello there, long time no see!

I had wanted to post before New Year's but I didn't find the time, and then so many things happened all at once... well, better late then never!

First things first - I am super happy to tell you that two weeks ago I passed my Master's exam so now I am officially "Master of Science" :D
I can't really describe how happy I am. Years ago, when I was still in school, I was thinking about how it would be like to be all grown up and hold a degree and work in science and all that. And now that dream has come true! I am still working at the institute where I worked on my Master thesis, and will do my PhD there, and I'm really excited about upcoming research projects.

First selfie of 2016 with my new phone ^__^

At the same time, this has further contributed to my wish of starting a science-themed blog soon. Last autumn, I won the ScienceBlogs writing competetion (I don't wanna directly link it, but if you're interested just google! It's in German though...), which motivated me even more. Also, this semester I have to write an essay for a Neuroscience class and while working on it I was reminded of how much I love writing....
So, perhaps this year I can finally manage to get this started!
I even have a super cool idea for a name, but it's based on a book title, so I'm not sure if I could use it or if I would break any copyright laws :'D So, I guess after I figure this out, I will get myself a second blog....soon™ ^^"

On the non-science front, I also had some changes in my private life. My mum had to move to Frankfurt because of her job, and it's quite a tough situation for her. I do miss her too, even though I don't see her that much less often then before. But I just can't spontaneously decide to drop by this week end anymore (I can still visit my step dad of course, unless he visits her in Frankfurt XD). So everything just got a little bit more complicated... But it also means I will get a chance to visit Frankfurt this spring, and hopefully I can attend a Candy Day meet up! It was actually my mum's idea - when whe suggested I visit her, she also asked me if I knew someone from the local community there and if there are any meet ups. It made me really happy that she appreciates my hobby and offered me this opportunity :)

 I also spent a significant amount of 2015 as a mermaid-sharkie on land.

So one plan for 2016 is to travel more and go to more Lolita meet ups, also internationally.
Since I finally earn a decent salary (only took 5 years of studying... XD) I can save money quite easily, so I was planning to make up for the past years, where, with the exception of my stay in Finland and Australia, I didn't get around very much.

In June, there's Hellocon in Helsinki, and I'd really like to go there, also to meet some of my old and new Finnish friends. I will try to get a ticket for the Tea Party, and if successful, I will try to find accommodation and a flight. So far, no one from the Viennese/Austrian community seems interested in going too, so I would have to travel alone, but let's see how everything works out!
The special guest will be Baby, The Stars Shine Bright this year. So even though I don't even have a ticket yet I'm wondering about potential outfits and if I should buy a dress XD But anyways, it will depend on whether or not I get a ticket!
There's also a second potential chance to go to a BTSSB event this year in Berlin, so perhaps that's an alternative if Helsinki does not work out. I'd still like to go and meet friends there though!

Another destination on the bucket list for 2016 is Japan!
I have been so scared of visiting this country because I do not speak the language at all. But I wanna make some more definite plans for autumn and then spend some time in summer to learn Japanese. I wanna visit the countryside too and I'd like to be able to talk at least a little bit to the people I meet ^^ Coincidentally, my Master thesis supervisor has spent his PostDoc in Japan, so I was also planning on asking him about his stay.

Another point on the "bucket list" is the idea of getting another tattoo... but after the not-so-positive experience I had with my first tattoo I'm very, very hesitant of getting another one. Also, the planning takes so much time that I am not sure I will be able to find an artist, finish the motive with him and get everything done at all. I'm thinking about contacting the guy from my second tattoo again, because he was just as much a perfectionist as I am, and I really appreciated that about him. Also, I would have to convince my boyfriend of the idea before I start planning ^^" So let's see what happens...

Besides from a lot of work and a little bit of Lolita-themed topics in my life, there's not much I could write about. I dyed my hair pink again - it was supposed to turn lavender but oh well. Next time, I wanna have it done at a proper hair dresser, hopefully it will be more even then ^^ But for now I'm quite happy with the bubblegum look. People at work also really like it. I just love the fact that I can be myself in this job :D It's pretty fantastic to break other people's stereotypes too, now that they may find out that the pink-haired girl with the weird clothes is actually a PhD student in molecular biology, haha!

 I had a couple of interesting hair colors this year... most arose from a lack of dying it because I had no time XD
After it looked really crappy and unhealthy in summer, it's much better again, and already as long as in the first pic once again! (I had it cut between the first and second pic by about 10cm...)

I'm not sure what other colors I should try this year. Lilac is still my favorite and I think it would suit me best, but I also consider blonde with colorful dip dye (like Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad!) and such at the moment. Do you have any ideas?

So, what are your plans for 2016?
I hope your wishes come true!


  1. Wenn du in Frankfurt bist, dann sag unbedingt Bescheid! Ich hab noch 4 Urlaubstage, die bis März weg müssen und auch danach könnte ich bestimmt vorbei kommen! :>

    Ich find Lavendel / Lilac bei dir auch am besten, lass das ruhig so! <3

  2. Bitte hier auch Bescheid sagen, wenn du nach Frankfurt kommst, falls du nichts dagegen hast :D

  3. Das ist echt toll, dass du jetzt den Master hast <3 und wenn du einen Science Blog startest, dann möchte ich unbedingt lesen, ich fand den Post, mit dem du gewonnen hast, auch richtig toll zu lesen!
    Das von deiner Mama ist ja wirklich süß, dich zu fragen und dass sie von sich aus drauf kam :)

  4. Congrats on passing your Master's exam!!
    Your hair colours in 2015 were really cool indeed - makes me miss the colourful hair I used to have! My favourites on you were definitely lilac and that super-faded light blue that you had.

    1. Thank you X3
      Unfortunately the lilac never really was lilac, only my bangs and the short strands next to my face. I think I'll go grey next, because I kinda miss having a hair color that matches everything, as much as I love colorful hair :(

  5. Hallo! Gratuliere zum Master :)
    Wie willst du Japanisch lernen? Ich versuch es ab und zu mit einem Lehrbuch, aber bei der Aussprache bin ich mir nicht sicher. Willst du einen Kurs anfangen oder es dir selbst beibringen?
    Hellocon würde mich schon ein bisschen interessieren, aber das ist noch so weit weg ...

    1. Danke dir! :)
      Ich werde es ohne Kurs schaffen müssen, da ich dafür keine Zeit habe. Wir haben ein paar Bücher zu Hause da mein Freund mal damit angefangen hat, und ein Kollege hat mir auch noch Materialien mitgegeben, aber ich hatte bisher absolut keine Zeit auch nur anzufangen :(

      Mittlerweile habe ich ja schon Tickets für Hellocon + die BTSSB Tea Party, wo ich ein VIP Ticket hab, d.h. an einem Tisch mit den Stargästen - jetzt muss ich quasi mein Finnisch auffrischen UND Japanisch lernen XD bzw. bin halt noch eher motiviert weil ich quasi eine Deadline hab ^^ Also mal sehen ob ich irgendwas schaffe XD

  6. Erstmal hier auch noch mal Glückwunsch zum Master!
    Nach Japan möchte ich auch unbedingt, ich hab sogar eine bekannte die da wohnt, aber irgendwie klappt es nie. Ich hoffe du wirst ganz viel Spaß haben und viele Fotos mitbringen.

    1. Oh, das ist aber praktisch!
      Ich hab wirklich am meisten Angst vor der Sprachbarriere. Jemanden zu kennen der dort lebt oder mit jemandem hinzureisen der es spricht würde mir glaub ich viel Sorgen nehmen, aber naja ^^
      VIelleicht klappt es ja doch auch mal bei dir!
      Bei mir ist es ja auch noch nicht sicher :'D


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