Tuesday, February 16, 2016

#firstworldlolitaproblems: Recent acquisitions, Yuki Matsuri & Hellocon

So this is a story all about how...

...I bought two Lolita dresses within two weeks that look kinda similar and now my boyfriend probably thinks I've gone entirely mad XD

Welcome to "First World Lolita Problems" of a girl who has a faible for flower prints and the color lavender!

From left to right:
"Midnight Rose" (handmade) - AP Eternal Rose Bouquet JSK and skirt - AP Sugar Pansy - Bodyline Rose Bouquet highw aist skirt - Bodyline Love Jewelry JSK - Metamorphose Blooming Garden Tulle JSK - Bodyline Blue Rose - IW Rococo Rose
I can see a slight trend here... 

Okay, so it all started when I passed my Master's exam and I thought I wanna reward myself and get myself a dream dress. I was browsing the sales coms and Lacemarket for a couple of days for dresses from my wish list, and soon stumbled upon two auctions for the Eternal Rose Bouquet JSK in lavender. I had previously bought the skirt in pink and thought about offering it for a partial trade soon, because I wear skirts so rarely and I feel they do not look very flattering on me (also, I don't have nicely fitting blouses, my blouses look nice under JSKs but not when worn alone).
So when I saw this dress I already knew I like the print a lot and the fabric is so soft and pretty - I asked one of the sellers for shipping, and she was really nice and made me a great offer. Shipping from the US is quite expensive so I was happy that I got such a good deal!

I was really happy and excited about the dress that I would get soon, and already making plans when and how to wear it. I love the color lavender and the dress also has light pink in it, so it would be easy to combine with my current wardrobe.


About a day before the dress arrived according to tracking,  Dani pointed me to a facebook post of somebody selling my very first and greatest dream dress... Angelic Pretty's Sugar Pansy!

So there was my dilemma. The first dress hadn't even arrived and I was about to buy the second one. My entire justification for Buying Eternal Rose Bouquet was the thought that since Sugar Pansy was released in 2007, the chances of every finding it in exactly the one combination of cut (JSK) and color (lavender) that I desired were miniscule. I had seen different versions and colors a couple of times, but never the lavender JSK. Until then!

Admittedly, I feel a bit bad for buying those two dresses. I am thinking now that I might end up trading the Eternal Rose Bouquet JSK for another color one day - perhaps white or pink. On the other hand, the fabric, cut and style of the dresses is very different and I have very different ideas on how to wear them already. Sugar Pansy is made of a thin cotton fabric perfectly suited for warmer weather, and Eternal Rose Bouquet of a smooth synthetic material that feels like soft silk, and is therefore probably better suited for winter or spring.

Well, in the end, Sugar Pansy, which was shipped from Germany, arrived only a day after Eternal Rose Bouqet :) Now they are both here in time for the Yuki Matsuri Tea Party next week end in Vienna, making the decision what to wear even harder!

Since the Yuki Matsuri is a winter convention, and the location is the KHM in Vienna (you might remember that time where I went there in Lolita and was surprised about the positive feedback from the people working there) I wanted to wear something really classic that suits the venue. At first I thought about wearing the same dress that I wore the last time I went there, but I don't have anything in dark blue or any other matching color so I would just end up wearing exactly the same outfit as before. So I turned my attention to this Bodyline skirt, that has the amazing quality of matching every single piece in my wardrobe, because everything I have is either black, white, pink or lavender and all those colors are on that print! And of course, that makes the decision what to wear super duper hard XD

Would also go with a black blouse, none depicted here....

I'm really super undecided how to coordinate this, but currently I think I will go for the lavender blouse and the pink tights on the very right, with pink shoes and a pink handbag. As for the wig, I'll either go for black or brunette. My dark brown wig would probably also look nice but unfortunately it has tons of pearls and sea shells braided into it from my Halloween outfit, and I don't think I can re-style it in time before the event XD
My second favorite combination would be the white blouse, the b/w tights second from the left, white shoes and a black bag, I guess with the black wig.

What's your favorite combination? :3

While talking about outfit plans - there's another event that I'll be attending for sure this year, and that's Hellocon in Finland!
I'll also be attending the BTSSB Tea Party on Sunday and I even got a VIP Ticket - so I'll be sharing the table with CEO Akinori Isobe and designer Kano Masumi! I'm really, really hyped and excited, haha! This means I also now have motivation to not only refresh my Finnish but also perhaps learn some Japanese... (let's be honest, it's probably not gonna happen, with the little free time that I have, but we'll see.)

So, the only problem is that now I am completely clueless about what to wear for those events as well!
The convention has the theme "Enchanting and Elegenat Rose Garden". Of course, my wardrobe is bursting with dresses that match this theme, so no problem there! I was thinking about wearing Elegeant Rose Bouquet, also because the weather in Finland in June might just still be cool enough to wear it without feeling hot! I've never actually been to to Finland in summer, so I'm curious how it will turn out.
As for the Tea Party, the theme is "Children of the Night - Masquerade Ball". I love dressing up according to a theme and I find this to be a real source of inspiration, but for this I had a really hard time to figure out what to do. I only have one Baby dress and it's a black OP, so I was thinking about dressing in full black and recreating my 2014 Halloween outfit, perhaps with a bonnet and more red roses to go with it. The other possibility would be to use my self-sewn "Midnight Rose" with a long sleeved black blouse, black wig and a pretty mask, if I can find one. For that purpose, I would really like to fix the dress first though - the sleeves especially, I would replace them with other lace and turn it into a kind of "mini sleeve" OP, try to re-do the bodice to fit better and make the skirt wider, perhaps by adding a chiffon underskirt and the "front-shirring" I had planned, or make a ruffle but or something. The other trouble is that the dress looks black in most light, but dark blue in sun light :( Since the Tea Party is indoors it might not matter so much, but still...
I think I will make my choice depending on whether I find time to fix the dress or not!

I also have tons of ideas for outfits that I would like to wear for special occasions or meet ups in the upcoming months, depending on the weather of course.
Even though I have much less free time now than while I was studying, at least now I earn a nice salary and can afford to buy dream dresses and even go to events abroad. So in a sense, I feel like I can now finally fully enjoy this hobby! :3

Thanks for reading my rambling ♥
What events this year are you looking forward to?
And what is your favorite combination for my Yuki Matsuri outfit? XD Seriously I need advice!!


  1. Ach was, die schauen sich doch gar nicht so ähnlich. XP
    Jaja, Lolita Problems ... Falls du dich doch noch entscheidest, eins der beiden wieder zu verkaufen, da gibt's sicher Abnehmer. ;-)

    1. Haha, also verkaufen würde ich sie wohl nicht so bald denke ich :'D Eher tauschen gegen eine andere Farbe, und auch nur bei ERB weil Sugar Pansy ist ja mein absolutes Dream Dress schon seit ich mich für Lolita Mode interessiere.
      Aber das denke ich mir auch immer - ich trage die Kleider ja auch nicht sooo oft, d.h. sie nutzen wenig ab, und wenn sie mir wirklich mal nicht mehr gefallen kann ich sie verkaufen :)

  2. In my opinion it really doesn't matter how many similarly themed dresses one gets at one point... If you love them, everything is excusable XD (At least that's what I'm telling myself :P)

    Your outfit at the tea party looked really nice! You're lucky that you have a piece that offers such endless coordinating options!

    I'm looking forward to attend the 'Under the sea' event in Amsterdam which is going to take place in May! I've never been to the Netherlands, so that will be totally exciting!

    1. Thank you ♥
      I was a bit unhappy in the end because with the sharp contrast between black and the pastels I felt a bit out of place between all the other people who dressed way more elegantly XD But I'm just a sucker for this "bittersweet" color combinations ;__;

  3. Egal ob sie ähnlich sind... sie sind toll! ;_; <3

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