Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Deadpool Day!

Actual conversation between me and my boyfriend:

Me: So, you know what movie is coming out the 12th ?
Him: ...?
Me: Deadpool!
Him: Ah! Cool!
Me: You know what's on the 14th?
Him: ....?
Me: Valentine's Day! Wanna go watch Deadpool and make fun of all the guys who have to take their girlfriends to watch some boring chick flick? :D

And so we went!
Actually we already went yesterday because I have to work today (Sunday), and it's a bit hard to watch a movie in English when there are only 2 cinemas in Vienna who show them... but anyway!

And it was a blast, I can tell you that. Haven't laughed so much in a single movie, I think, ever.

I read a few critiques on imdb afterwards and was surprised how some people complained either about the humor (if you do not think this is funny, you are probably not the target audience. Or do you see me complaining about slapstick comedies or romantic comedies not being funny? Nope.) or that the 4th wall breaking was either too excessive (Have you ever even heard of Deadpool before?) or not taken far enough (we'll let you know when technology is invented that allows a character to pop out of the screen and walk through the rows to narrate his story, if that's what you're asking for).

I can absolutely not understand what these people complain about. This was probably one of the best movies I have seen in ages, and not because it is such a novel story or because the invented 4th wall breaking. No, it's just a really good movie - well paced, well narrated, the action scenes are perfectly choreographed, stunt effects and CGI look  good, there is not too much 3D bullshit going on (scenes added entirely for the purpose of showing off how "amazing" 3D is supposed to be), the humor is exactly what you expect from such a movie and I laughed a lot, the actors are well cast and play their roles extremely well, and the marketing beforehand did not promise anything that the movie did not fulfill - something that is quite rare these days (also because of idiotic localization of trailers - watch this video to see what I mean!)

T shirt from Asurocks

I remember when I was a kid, and there was this idea that for everything you liked, you needed something that was your "favorite". Like your "favorite" friend or best friend. Your favorite color. Your favorite food. Your favorite movie and actor. Probably a result of these friendship books that we all had and filled out for each other.
You just spent a lot of time thinking about things like this.

The Deadpool movie is a perfect example for something that you can really love, without it necessarily being your favorite. I loved the movie, I love the character(s), but I also really love the MCU - for an entirely different reason though. I like the backstory and the "lore" of the world they are building, the subtle hints and hidden little Easter Eggs they give the audience. The MCU is cool for an entirely different reason.
For all these "superhero movies" there are always things that I did not like particularly much about them, but in general, all of them were well made for their specific purpose and they were what they wanted to be. They were what I expected, so by default, I basically could not be disappointed.
So I really cannot say that Deadpool is my favorite of the superhero movies, but it certainly is a really good one, that delivers exactly what it promises!

So, anyway. Valentine's Day was really great this year, and for two people who are entirely unromantic I think we had the perfect date :D
Now I wonder how we should top that for our upcoming anniversary!

Have you seen Deadpool yet? What are your thoughts on the movie?


  1. Ich war letztens im Kino und hab den Trailer gesehen - mich würds jetzt nicht unbedingt ins Kino ziehen aber wenn der Freundeskreis den sehen will, dann geh ich wohl mit :) Klang wirklich nach einem guten Date für euch beide :> Habt ihr denn Mädels gesehen, die nur gelangweilt mitgegangen sind? :D

    1. Eigentlich nicht, wir waren aber auch im English Cinema, ich glaube die Leute die sich den dann auch noch in OV ansehen sind wirklich Fans oder wissen zumindest was sie erwartet ^^
      Das mag jetzt vielleicht ein Vorurteil sein, aber ich habe so das Gefühl dass es meistens eher die Frauen sind die zum Valentinstag erwarten dass ihre Vorstellungen erfüllt werden, dh. ich glaube dass eben eher Kerle in Frauenfilme geschleift werden als andersrum XD Auch wenn ich solche schwarz-weiß-Klischee-Einteilungen sonst eigentlich nicht mag, so subjektiv nehme ich das in meinem Umfeld irgendwie schon so wahr :'D

  2. Deadpool im Kino schauen war mein Alternativplan, falls mein Freund mit Eislaufen nicht einverstanden gewesen wäre. Als ich es ihm heute morgen dann verraten habe, war's aber okeh. Ich hab mich tatsächlich einen Moment geärgert, weil der Film jetzt noch warten muss.. :/

  3. Alsooo...bin auch mit meinem Freund den Deadpool schauen gegangen, und frage mich, wieviele armen Seelen sich wohl mit ihren Frauen irgend nen Scheiss antun mussten ^^
    Allerdings fand ich ihn jetzt auch nicht soo der absolute Oberhammer wie du ihn beschreibst. Er war klasse, keine Frage, aber hab die letzten Jahre schon bessere Filme gesehn (ist aber natürlich immer Geschmacksache. Die Plots waren toll, die Handlung in Ordnung und alles in allem lohnenswert.

  4. Du sahst klasse aus <3 ich muss den Film dringend schauen!! <3


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