Friday, February 26, 2016

Yuki Matsuri Tea Party @KHM Vienna

Hello my dear readers!

Are you tired of Lolita content yet? No? Well then continue reading please! :)

Last week end, there was a small Tea Party in Vienna, organized as always by Gothic Lolita Austria ♥ At that week end, there was also the Yuki Matsuri, a small and new convention, and the Tea Party basically was part of the convention, though not at the same venue. To get a ticket for the Tea Party, I also had to get a Sunday ticket for the con, so I spent a full day in Vienna and had lots of fun!

Credit: R. Detoyato

The venue for the Tea Party was the beautiful KHM - Kunsthistorisches Museum. Last time I went there in 2014, and it was actually the first time that I wore Lolita in public for an occasion other than a meet up! The employees at the museum were really nice back then, and also this time. When I arrived, I was a bit late because I came by car and had underestimated the traffic, but luckily there was a guest list so I could get in without hurrying to the location of the convention first to pick up my physical ticket.

Credit: R. Detoyato

There was no brand "special guest" this time, as the event was really small. But it was nice, because I got to talk a lot to other people and really enjoyed spending some relaxing time, drinking coffee and eating snacks!

Sweet and savory food.The baked goods were soo yummy!

Dani, Jassi and Lea led through the program. There was a Lolita & Japan themed quiz and the three best outfits won prizes. My favorite program part were the "Lolita Valentines". Just like on the website, people could write anonymous compliments to others! Everyone got a name tag with a number to wear, and then we tried to sneak a peek on other people's tags (in my case it was a bit difficult to place it because I had a chiffon blouse on, and my hair got in the way XD) and then wrote their messages. Everyone could retrieve their Valentines at the end of the day.

Jassi & Dani. Jassi was twinning with Mary that day!

Everyone was dressed so elegantly ♥

The Valentines were such a nice idea! I got such nice compliments, for my look, my style and make up... but what made me especially happy were the Valentines where people wrote that they enjoy talking to me or that they think I'm smart ;___; Honestly, I sometimes feel really inadequate in every aspect of my live - like I'm not pretty enough to pull off Lolita fashion, not creative enough to come up with cool outfits, and on the other side of my life, that I'm not really smart but just really good at faking it, and in general that I'm too socially awkward or perhaps inappropriate at meet ups. So it was really nice to read all those comments - Mary put it perfectly in her blog post, when she said that in real life you're sometimes worried that a person only says nice things because, well, it's the nice thing to do. But when you get these anonymous compliments, you know that the person really means it, because why else would they put in the effort?

 I shared a table with these lovely ladies!
Credit: R. Detoyato

I tried to write as many as I could myself and was writing every free minute when I was not eating or participating in the quiz and such XD But my hands were super shaky all day, I didn't get much sleep the past two weeks and when I was late that day I got really worried and stressed. The shaking didn't go away all day, so I had super crappy handwriting and was super slow XD I also tried to draw on some of the cards, but failed miserably, haha. So to the people who got Valentines with awkward drawings, now you know ;D

After the Tea Party, a couple of people decided to go to the convention because after all, we had valid tickets for that event too! I briefly considered going through the museum, because the entry was also included, but as I mentioned, I've been there not long ago, and anyway, the museum won't run away, while the convention would only be that day :)
Also, there were two Lolita shops at the convention venue: Lolitabutiken from Sweden and Porcelain Doll from Check Republic.

The headbow is from Porcelain Doll, the blue bow from Lolitabutiken and the pink choker from Unlike Creation

I ended up buying some accessories - I was looking for blue stuff, because I thought about "expanding" the color palette of my Lolita wardrobe a bit. Blue is a good starting point because I have these two dresses with blue rose prints and a Sailor OP in light blue. I only found this bow but I think it's really cute and it matches all my blue items :)
Lolitabutiken also had a really pretty off white corset that I thought would perfectly match that Bodyline dress with the blue rose print but it would have been too big ;__;
Well anyway, I hope I get to wear a coord with blue sometime soon. Only problem is, I only have black, white and pink shoes XD Guess I'll have to stick to the white ones for now!

Despite not wearing full lower lashes, I was really happy with my make up that day X3 Unfortunately, there's no photo with my whole outfit v__v

I was super happy that I got to talk to so many lovely friends again who I haven't seen in a while now. And I hope I get to go to many more meet ups this year!
And I also want to wear Lolita in my free time more often ^^ I still don't consider myself a "lifestyle" Lolita in any way, but it's always so much fun to dress up, I wanna use more occasions outside of meet ups to wear this style.

I wish you a nice week end ♥


  1. "... and on the other side of my life, that I'm not really smart but just really good at faking it ..."

    Kennst du nicht den Spruch, dass es leicht ist, sich dumm zu stellen, aber es für einen dummen Menschen schwer ist, schlau zu erscheinen?
    Wenn du also für andere schlau erscheinst, kannst du gar nicht dumm sein, dumme Menschen können nicht schlau spielen! :D Aber ich stimme dir zu, man fühlt sich manchmal doof, wenn man Komplimente bekommt und spielt das runter, nimmt das nicht ernst. Aber wenns Anonym ist, dann ist es wieder eine ganz andere Sache.

    Tolle Sachen hast du gekauft :3 Und wirklich toll sahst du aus!

    1. Haha, der Spruch ist gut :D Aber leider gibt es ja auch viele Menschen die auf dummes Gelaber von anderen reinfallen, weil sie selber noch doofer sind und nicht erkennen dass die Person sich nur schlau stellt XD
      Aber ich verstehe schon was du meinst ^^
      Dankeschön auch für das Kompliment! ^__^

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