Saturday, March 26, 2016

Picture My Day #20

Yesterday was once again "Picture My Day" Day!
This time organized by Owley, I was actually prepared this time in advance and set a cell phone alarm to remind me about the day before midnight... but then my day was so boring that throughout I ended up not taking many photos after all XD
But anyhow, here's my day in pictures!

And of course I didn't get to bed before midnight XD

Sunday, March 13, 2016

40 days no meat personal challenge, PIIT28 and other health and food blabla

Hey guys,

How was your week end?
For me, these days I'm a bit stressed, but in a very positive way because there's a lot of events with friends or family - unfortunately, they mostly involve food and I think by now I feel like I'm in my third month of "food pregnancy" XD

It also comes at a bit of an inconvenient time, because this year, I decided to eat no meat for lent, and in Austria (especially on the country side), many restaurants have very limited numbers non-meat dishes on their menu. While I am not religious, I like the idea of setting myself a fixed time frame or deadline to do something, it helps me stay motivated. Originally, I wanted to learn how to cook new recipes without meat. I don't eat it very often, but I'm very unoriginal when it comes to cooking, so we usually end up eating the same 20-30 meals over and over. Well, it didn't go as planned because I had so little time to cook in general that I quickly reverted back to my well known recipes, although I learned about some meat alternatives and got a bit creative considering where I can leave it out or substitute it with something else.

 Fallaffel instead of Chili wraps turned out to be really great, I just have to learn to make them all by myself instead of buying the ready-made ones ^^"