Thursday, June 30, 2016

Review: DollyEye Rosy Rosa Violet

Hello my dear readers!

It's been a long time since the last lens review - I've had these since winter but because I was working so much I barely found time to doll up and go out, and when I did the light was already abysmally bad. But now summer has come, and the evenings are still bright so I was able to take some photos
for a review :)

With my new raven pendant from Talking To Myself Jewelry

The lenses I am wearing here are DollyEye Rosy Rosa Violet and as usual, they are from Lensvillage.
I picked these lenses because I fell in love with the pattern - as the name of the lens already indicates, it looks like tiny, winding roses. It's really very pretty, and I hoped that the fact that the color fades towards the middle would allow the purple color to blend in with my natural eye color.
They come in several colors and of course with prescription!