Monday, August 8, 2016

Review: Infanta's Strawberry Kitchen Maid /// collaboration

Hello dear readers!

It's been a while since you've heard from me, as I am really busy finishing an important project at work... but I actually have photos prepared for at least three more entries, so I will be able to tell you of my recent travel adventures soon!
For now, I have another Lolita-themed post for you, featuring Infanta's Strawberry Kitchen Maid print that I got from <3

JSK & Headbow: Infanta's Strawberry Kitchen Maid (from here and here)
Blouse: Souffle Song
OTKs: Innocent World
Shoes: Antaina, custom

I love strawberries (they're my favorite berry!) and ever since I became interested in Lolita I wanted to have a strawberry-themed dress. Back then, brand dresses were way out of budget options, and I did not really like the prints from Bodyline and other cheaper brands, but my waiting has finally paid off, because Infanta released this incredibly cute and detailed print!

I put on blush for this little photoshoot - I NEVER wear blush but I felt it matches the dress ^-^" I also cut my bangs so they can be worn almost straight, I really like this hairdo with two buns for summer.
I saw the dress already a while ago when it was released and fell in love right away. I couldn't decide at first if I liked black, pink or blue better!

Then, Devilinspired approached me for a collaboration so I had a look at their shop...
Devilinspired also has many cool Gothic clothes, and at first I couldn't decide what to pick but when I found this dress the choice was clear to me ^^ I went for black in the end because I recently sold my only other "Sweet" Lolita dress which was also in this "bittersweet" color combination, but it is still my favorite color combination, and I can combine this dress with pretty much everything I have in my wardrobe (because most of it is black, white or pink anyways).

Some details about the dress!
The fabric is cotton like and perfect for summer, especially if you pick a lighter colorway. The print is super detailed and cute. There's strawberries in baskets, jam.... I particularly like the little flowers all over the dress! Makes me think that this dress would also work really well in a country coord with a white blouse, straw hat and white flower acessories. In general, I am fascinated how I already have about a million ideas how to coordinate this dress and there are way more possibilities than I will probably every get to wear!
The only little surprise was that the dress is way more pink than red. I had thought that the berries and ribbons would be red but they are really more of a cool shade of pink. I like that it is not a tacky, neon kind of pink! The only "downside" is, I think, that it doesn't match red accessories so well. But no problem for me, I don't have much red stuff anyway ^_^

The quality of the dress is really good. I particularly like the lace they used - at the bottom hem, it's heart shaped with ruffles underneath *_*

The dress has back shirring which is really sturdy. I only noticed that the band was a bit short, but that may be because I ordered size S and could have perhaps also gone with M. But I just wanted a dress that fits without closing the lacing in the back too much - to wear it in summer without having a double layer of fabric in the back.

So Size S actually fits nicely, the only complaint is that the bodice is a bit short - I normally prefer dresses that reach a bit below my waist, but with this one it was quite clear from the product photos anyhow, so I was not surprised. In general, the dress is relatively short on me - for reference, I'm 1.60m. But I'm okay with that. If the skirt part was longer, it would probably just hang limply over the petticoat. So what I would need for it to be a perfect fit would be 2-3cm more on the bodice. Short legs are a struggle, I tell you!
But in the end, I am very happy with it anyway ^^

Here you can see my bracelet a bit better, I got it about 3 years ago or so from Dark who makes really pretty jewelry! It is definitely my favorite accessory to wear with this dress :D

Lastly, I now finally - just a mere 5 years after I got it - have a dress that matches my Bodyline strawberry bag XD Yaaaay!

I would like to thank for this opportunity to model the dress for their shop <3
If you are looking to buy Lolita clothes from brands like Infanta, Souffle Song, Surface Spell and others, have a look at their shop! :D

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