Saturday, August 13, 2016

Travel Diary Part 1: Heidelberg


Hello my dear readers,

Finally I want to start my 2016 travel diary! It's really been a long time since I've traveled so much and got around like this. But thanks to my awesome job I get to visit exciting new places as part of my work AND get to learn new things. In May this year, I spent a week in Heidelberg, Germany,w here I attended a workshop/seminar for my field. It was a lot of fun and very educational, and if the course is re-organized next year, I might even get to be a tutor! But for now, I just want to show you some of my impressions from my first "official" business trip :)
So this post will be something different for change, no outfit or makeup posts but just some travel blabla :D


The workshop was held at the EMBL, a very impressive research institute. I greatly enjoyed spending time there! The "training center" where the seminar was held was very modern and the architecture is just so cool - the main building is called the "helix". It has several floors and two spiral walkways in the center, that run parallel and are connected by bridges in between, just like a DNA helix. Very confusing to find a particular spot at first, but a really cool design.

During the week I was there, the weather was continuously very bad, it rained a lot and there were even floodings in many parts of Germany! On the other hand, the woods on the hills surrounding the town were so lush and green that they almost looked like rainforest. The institute is on top of one of those hills, and every morning we went up there by bus - and it really reminded me of jungle in Australia XD Which reminds me, I still have to write the travel diary for our trip in 2014 .___.

I had little free time, but on two days I went to the old town of Heidelberg. On one of those days I got to meet my long term internet-friend, sweet SpringofRebirth! Just like I take one of my sharks with me wherever I go, she has Pikachu as a travel companion, so we decided to take photo of our plush friends together ^^
It was so much fun to hang out with her - not only but also because she is studying the same subject as I did! :D

Heidelberg has a really cute old town where we went for a walk. We walked quite far that day, from the train station all the way to the Neckar river and back. And I even went further because my hotel was in the not-so-cute but rather new part of the town south of the train station ^^" My feet really hurt after that day!

The first picture in this entry shows the castle of Heidelberg - we didn't go up because it was quite late already, but the view must be really great. And from below you can see that different parts of the castle are from different time periods and built in very different styles, making it look like a patchwork building ^_^ Also in the rest of the old town you see buildings from various different time periods.

Many people we saw on the streets were students. At the seminar, a local told me that on Thursday night, they all go out to party because they arrange their schedule so they don't have classes on Fridays. Sounds like a sweet life - my university never gave us that kind of freedom XD or at leats not if you wanted to finish your studies within reasonable time.

All in all, I was really happy that besides attending a cool seminar I got a chance to do just a little bit of sightseeing! But also the time spent at the EMBL was great - especially the food at their cafeteria, haha! I even got a mug as a souvenir because I like the place so much :) Definitely a place to look out for, for a potential post doc, hehe...

After this very exciting week, I went to Frankfurt where I stayed for one nigh at my mum's place, because right on the next day I would have to go to the airport to fly to Hongkong for conference! With my second business trip coming up, I barely had time to rest but I was happy to have a night in a place that felt like home because my mum was there.
The next day, we left for the airport together - as it turned out, my stepdad had an accident and was in hospital, so while I was flying to Hongkong, my mum flew down to Austria... but that story is probably better suited for another entry.

The next part of the travel diary will be about Hongkong!
See you!


  1. Heidelberg ist so eine wunderschöne Stadt, auch bei Tageslicht! ;D Ich war letztes Jahr für ein Konzert dort und hab natürlich auch ein bisschen Sightseeing mitgenommen. Das Schlossgelände ist wirklich schön angelegt mit verschiedenen Aussichtspunkten, ringsum ein großer Garten und viel Wald... Das lädt zum Flanieren ein <3
    Soweit ich weiß, gehört Heidelberg zu den ältesten Unis in Mitteleuropa. Schon sehr cool, dass du dich dort am Institut mit anderen austauschen konntest! Heidelberg stand kurz auf meiner Studier-Wunschliste, war mir schlussendlich aber doch zu weit weg ^^;

  2. Ich war noch nie in Heidelberg, aber meine Schwester hat da mal gearbeitet. Muss echt schön dort sein <3


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