Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Travel Diary Part 3.1: Helsinki /// Sightseeing & BtSSB Tea Party

So, last time I wrote down some fond memories of the unfortunately last Hellocon.
It may have been the end of Hellocon, but our Lolita week end in Helsinki was only halfway over!

On Sunday, there was the long awaited Baby the Starts Shine Bright Tea Party!
It took place in the hotel we were staying at, so we decided to spend our free morning with some sight seeing. Tanja had never been to Helsinki before, so we decided to show her to closest and most important landmarks we could think of. It was a rainy and rather cold morning, but a walk with some fresh air was really nice and well needed after spending so much time indoors the day before.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Travel Diary Part 3.1: Helsinki /// Hellocon, Modeling & more!

Hello & welcome back to another part of my 2016 travel diary ^_^
I am waaaaay behind with everything, but my goal is to finish writing up all my travel experiences before December XD And in this case, even if it's been quite some time, I had a good time and I want to preserve this memory here!

So, as I told you last time, there was a third city starting with "H" that I visited, and of course many already knew or guessed that it was Helsinki! ^_^
The occasion was Hellocon, and it was my first time traveling to another city for a big Lolita event, and also my first time visiting Helsinki in summer. It was interesting and a little bit strange for me, to see the city without any snow, haha. But it is just as beautiful!