Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Travel Diary Part 3.1: Helsinki /// Sightseeing & BtSSB Tea Party

So, last time I wrote down some fond memories of the unfortunately last Hellocon.
It may have been the end of Hellocon, but our Lolita week end in Helsinki was only halfway over!

On Sunday, there was the long awaited Baby the Starts Shine Bright Tea Party!
It took place in the hotel we were staying at, so we decided to spend our free morning with some sight seeing. Tanja had never been to Helsinki before, so we decided to show her to closest and most important landmarks we could think of. It was a rainy and rather cold morning, but a walk with some fresh air was really nice and well needed after spending so much time indoors the day before.

First, we went to the Kaupahalli, because we had planned on bringing something edible back home. Unfortunately, since it was Sunday, most of the stalls were still closed. We did manage to get some delicious treats through. And I totally fell in love with korvapuusti, a kind of cinnamon roll. I don't know why I've never tried it during my time in Turku but I think it had something to do with the fact that I never went to bakeries or nice shops and spent most of the time sitting at home and eating rye bread :'D


On our way back, we passed Uspenskin katedraali, and I think this was the third time that I visited and they had a mass going on XD But they kindly still provide access for tourists, for which I'm really grateful. The inside is so beautiful. I really recommend to visit this place if you ever make it to Helsinki!

After a stop at the tuomiokirkko, probably one of the most famous landmarks in Helsinki. My first time seeing it without snow on the stairs in the front, haha. It's a really pretty church, and if you'd like to see some better quality photos from inside, I recommend my older blog post from my first visit to Helsinki in 2012.

We headed back to the hotel to get read for the teaparty around lunch time, planning in a decent amount of time for everyone to finish their outfits. I was quite happy to stay in the same hotel that the event would take place, it made everything much more relaxed.

The best thing was when Tanja and I were finished, and looked at each other and thought.... it looked like we were a good and evil twin of each other XD

 I wanted to match the theme of the event, which was "Children of the Night Masquerade Ball". It was also the first time I ever wore a bonnet!

I didn't take any photos at the event directly (or rather, none turned out too well), so I will just show some pictures of the cool peaople I got to meet!
Once again, I was terribly shy about talking to others. I had a seat at the VIP table and felt a little bit awkward sitting right on the other end of the designer of Baby the Stars Shine Bright and shopgirl Anne, who accompanied her :'D But the translator Anastasia (Swedish Kawaii Ambassador) did a good job to keep the conversation going and everyone entertained. We got to ask questions and such, and I asked whether they would design more "princess-cut" dresses, like the old Baby dress that I was wearing, because it's my favorite cut. I really hope they will do more like these in the feature, because I adore many of their prints, but dresses with the skirt starting at the waist just look ridiculous on me most of the time ;__;

So I sat next to Lauren, a really lovely gal who lived in Helsinki for a while to study fashion design, and was just about to move to London a couple of days after the event. She was so nice to me and really made me feel less awkward to talk to others ♥ Looking back I am extremely sad we didn't take a picture together, and I hope to see her again some day...

By the way, it was difficult to have a proper conversation in this outfit, as I was slightly deaf due to the wig and bonnet over my ears, the mask and bands half-covering my eyes made it hard to see, and the Vampire teeth made it hard to speak XD So it was definitely 100% my own fault that I was probably bad company that day... sorry to everyone!

With Lav, the designer of Eat Me Ink Me, wearing her own design, the beautiful Midnight Rhapsody dress ♥

They had a super cute "Valentine" game planned. Everyone was supposed to draw a picture of themselves on a sheet of paper, and then walk around and write little "Valentines" on other people's sheets. Sometimes it was hard to track down people's cards and it was a bit chaotic XD I tried to give my compliments to as many people as possible but in the end there was not enough time for me to find everyone D: But the idea was so nice. Whenever I felt a bit uncomfortable/awkward I could concentrate on drawing. Perhaps it was an excuse for me to be antisocial... but it helped me feel at ease, so that's that ^^"

My scribbly drawing. I had super shaky hands again that day, so everything is a bit off D: But I also got some really nice comments ♥ I'm a bit sad that I don't know some of the author's though!

I also got to meet Nana and Eve from Lolita Complex (I just realized and wondered why don't I have a picture with both of them? ;___;) Together with Franzi we called ourselves the "Austrian delegation", haha
And another picture with beautiful Saija, who looked absolutely stunning and won "Best Dressed" for the Alice and the Pirates "category", if you can say so. There were two prices, the other was won by Lauren ^_^

At the event, there was a performance of a ballet dancer and a traditional "fan dance". We also got to take pictures with the designer Kano Masumi and show girl Anne, unfortunately mine turned out super blurred XD But anyways, it was a great event. The food was also really tasty. I was nervous though, so I had problems with my jaw once more and very little appetite. And the make up didn't make eating much easier. But ultimately, it was a great event and over waaaay too soon!

Afterwards, we decided to head to the park next to the hotel to take some photos. Tanja had a better camera with her, so we used it to take some outfit pictures of each other :D

Snapshot of Tanja watching some geese ^^

I took this photo of Tanja and edited it a bit. I wanted to make it look like a fairy princess who longingly looks through the fence into the garden of a castle. Or something like that XD

 I'm still not over the fact how well our outfits matched XDD I wish we lived closer together and could "twin" this some day, haha.

All in all, it was a fun event and I'm so happy that I got a chance to attend! Even if there will be no Hellocon next year, I hope so much that I get to attend other events in other countries in the future X3
Traveling can be stressful, but it's great to get to know new places and attend such events. Next time, I really hope I will be better at socializing and making new friends!

Another take at editing... I should probably watch some tutorials instead of randomly trying stuff, haha


  1. Your outfit is amazing, that look is just wow! Vampire queen ♡ ♡

    It was an amazing tea party and the event all in all. Happy you could attend and visit Finland again. Yay! Korvapuusti it's the best! :D~
    The valentine thing or "kehulaput" as we say it, are such lovely things to have as a memory. We have done it quite much in meetups, last time on Sunday..hihih! It's so nice to give compliments to people (which is never done enough) and to hear those about yourself. I get quite blushed and awkward when reading them though.. :P

    Your outfits really do match! Awesomeness! ♡

    Psst...can I steal our pic? My indoors pics on my phone are not really good at all, kinda hate my camera. Gotta get a new phone! x)

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. We had valentines at a previous meet up too, but in a system with a "letter box" where you could drop them off during the event. But at that scale it only works for fewer people because someone has to sort them to each person in the end XD I really like it though, also, as you said, because it's a lovely memory to keep them :3

      Feel free to use the pic! Luckily for the photo of us we turned the right way and didn't have the windows in the back XD


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