Saturday, February 4, 2017

Yuki Matsuri 2017

Just a quick I'm-not-dead-yet-update!
There's actually a veritable chance that I will have more time for blogging again in the next couple of weeks, and I still have some travel diary writing to do. I will mostly back-date these entries because in the future, I'd prefer to find them under the year/month that they actually happened, but I hope you'll give them a read if you're interested :)

For now, let's start with some super recent event - actually, this is just from today!
Today I went to Yuki Matsuri, a small convention in Vienna, with my boyfriend.

Compared to last year, the convention location was bigger - they booked another location adjacent, where they had more room for the panels and workshops. We had planned to go for a panel about painting in SAI at 13:00 but we ended up being too late .__. We had been at a birthday party Friday night and I was really tired, so slept quite long... and then, unfortunately I was super slow with doing my make up D: I'm really, really out of practice because I wear make up so rarely these days. Still, in the end I think it was okay. Not exactly as planned but it fit the style :)

I wore my "Midnight Rhapsody" JSK by Eat Me Ink Me. After meeting the designer Lav at Hellocon and getting the unique chance to wear ne of her dresses at the Indie Designer fashion show, I was so intrigued with her creations ♥ Her next release was this series, and I immediately fell in love with the lavender colorway. Especially since I have so many lavender and black items. And also white would fit, so a lighter, more pastel-goth like look is easily possible with this dress as well. I really love the little bats!

I got shoes from Iron Fist to match this outfit! Unfortunately they are very uncomfortable so I cannot wear them for long ;__;

We met Dani and Margit from the local Lolita comm there and mostly spent time browsing the stalls. I ended up buying lots of stuff actually ;'D Porcelain Doll was there - a Lolita jewelry designer from Czech Republic, and she has such beautiful chokers and head wear! I bought two chokers (and embarrassed myself by miscounting my money, lol. I feel so bad about that X'D) and we took a photo together, like a Lolita group photo, as the four of us were (at least at that time) the only people in Lolita fashion at the convention :'D

I bought some more merch from a huge stall that had about 20 different kinds of Nemu Nekos. I had wanted to get one for quite some time because they are just soo cute ♥ In the end, we opted for a white one with grey ears and a mouse "tatooed" on its behind, haha. It's so soft, I really love it ♥

Now, after our shopping spree, we chatted with one of the artists. Neophobica has such a versatile style, she has super cute and adorable characters, but also very dark, elegant illustrations. My boyfriend and I quickly made the decision to ask her for a portrait, as she offered commissions. So, we got the probably most amazing portrait of the two of us that will ever exist.

I have been looking for a nice, big purse/wallet for ages. Never thought I'd find one at a convention, haha

So he basically asked Neophobica if she could draw him "kinda like her cool creatures" and "like a shark". I think there is no way she could have done it any better :D I really love it! Unfortunately back at home we noticed it doesn't fit in any of the frames we have, so we need to buy one before we can hang it up XD But I really, really love it. I think it's exciting to see how other people see you - in this particular case, how they portrait you. I feel very flattered because I think the drawing of me is really beautiful, and looking at how my boyfriend's picture resembles how he looks like in real life, I am kinda excited to think that this is what I look like to other people (I talked about how my perception of myself is very distorted a couple of times, so maybe that hlps to understand what I'm talking about).

Anyways - it was a cool convention, I wish I had seen the program that I was interested in but ultimately I can say that for 10€ for a day ticket, I feel like I really had a blast, and also, I was super happy to have an opportunity to go out in Lolita and spend time with my boyfriend :3

I had a really rough time those last couple of months, constant stress and worry, basically one dead´line chasing the other since last September. There was little time to relax and have fun, and when I had free time I was just too exhausted to do anything.
Now, it seems like there is a little bit more free time ahead, and I already have many cool things planned, like going to some concerts this year and I really wanna attend more Lolita meet ups again :3

With that, I wanna wish you a nice week end!



    1. Yeah, my boyfriend couldn't decide between the armadillo and red panda, so we took both XD We'll just have to figure out who gets which one now XD

  2. Oh my gosh!! It was so nice talking to you guys and I had so much fun with your commission. I am do glad that you like it so much ^___^ hope to see you again!

  3. Hey Ihr Lieben,
    schaut doch mal auf unserem neuen Blog vorbei.
    Wir würden uns über einen Besuch freuen :)
    Instagram @nini_cody
    Liebe Grüße
    Nini & Cody

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