♥  books: Suomen mestari 1

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Lolita related  ♥  

 Floral print dresses
Angelic Pretty Sugar Pansy JSK (lavender) Obtained with the help of my friend Dani ♥
Angelic Pretty Symphonia of Birds (Little Bird's Symphonia) JSK  (pink or black)
Angelic Pretty Chest Ribbon Strawberry Floral JSK (white)
Angelic Pretty Lady Rose minisleeve JSK or backfrill JSK (pink or black)
Angelic Pretty Eternal Rose Bouquet Dress JSK or Mini Sleeve JSK finally got the Mini Sleeve JSK in lavender :3

Stained glass print dresses
 ♥  AatP Gloria Beautiful glassy St Mary JSK (black)
Haenuli Stained Glass St Vitus JSK or OP (black)
Haenuli Stained Glass of St giles JSK (black)
IW Westminster JSK or Corset JSK (black)

Accessories & Shoes
Rocking Horse Shoes (another pair of ballerinas in white :3)
Platform shoes in lavender (any style)
♥ Black High-Heeled Boots (such as these or these)
Rose-themed accessories in lavender and baby pink